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Let’s Partner

and Grow your Business

If you're a business owner, GroceryList provides you with the opportunity to offer Food and Bill Payment services to your customers. This valuable service can not only promote business expansion but also create an additional source of income for you, all without necessitating any financial investment on your part.

Business Opportunities

Joining GroceryList as an authorized agent can elevate your business and attract more customers. Numerous agents initially adopt GroceryList  as a supplementary income source, only to realize the significant profit and potential within the Food and Bill Payment industry.

Even agents who don’t prioritize the money transfer aspect often find that the earnings are sufficient to cover essential business expenses, such as rent or employee salaries. The best part is the absence of financial risk in starting, as GroceryList doesn’t demand any upfront investment.

Choosing GroceryList not only presents an opportunity to expand your customer base, enhance profits, and provide a trusted and secure money transfer service to your community, but it also offers a range of benefits:

  • Marketing and promotional assistance to help attract customers and expand your money transfer business.
  • A ready-to-operate system with minimal initial costs and no hidden fees.
  • Immediate support whenever needed.
  • Easy and fast electronic processing for hassle-free money transfers.
  • A seasoned customer service team fluent in multiple languages.
  • The backing of a forward-thinking and financially stable company dedicated to investing in technology, staff, and marketing.
  • A wide array of profitable financial services beyond money transfers, including  bill payment,  and Food Transfer
  • Increased customer traffic from those already familiar with and trusting in GroceryList.

Your income potential as an Agent is largely in your hands. We provide highly competitive rates for customers and attractive commissions for our Agents. This blend of favorable rates, exceptional exchange values, and a well-regarded brand name empowers our Agents to expand rapidly and fully realize their earning possibilities.

GroceryList, a prominent player in its field, has been offering an affordable, secure, and swift alternative for its core services since 2020. Through the support of our agents and their clients, GroceryList has risen to a position of global significance, renowned for quality and service.

Our expansive network of agents and correspondents is continually growing, and we remain dedicated to our customers, playing an integral role in the communities they inhabit.

Partnering with GroceryList means joining forces to assist people in efficiently managing their essential needs, ensuring their hard-earned resources are utilized where they matter most.

  • We have our own GroceryList Jamaica App

  • We offer real time store prices on any given day

  • We issue our own branded debit cards for shoppers.

  • We offer same-day or scheduled pick up/delivery

  • Our platform has over 200+ shoppable stores.

  • Our platform is embedded with real time communication between buyer and shopper to accommodate item changes.

  • Customers receive immediate refunds for price changes.

  • No valid direct competition

  • Virtual call center with home-based workers

  • Our 1000+ personal shoppers will also be affiliate sales representatives.

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